Project desription

What Animal Am I?

Project Description

"What Animal Am I?" was a marketing piece to help increase exposure for "Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills To Master Business & Life". The WAAI quiz allowed users to take a short 21 question quiz to help determine what animal from the book they were. The quiz was heavily optimzed for mobile and launched at the largest real estate annual convention, in which it gained over 10,000 users in only a few hours

With continued marketing push and heavy SEO, the quiz continued to skyrocket over the next few months ultimatley reaching 200,000 users in less than one year.

Each users would be prompted to enter their email at the end of the quiz which was fed into an automated email drip campaign, sending the user details about their Animal, tips on how to leverage their given skillsets and eventually a push to purchase the book or coaching program".